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Birthdate:Apr 1
Journal for Bronwyn Harris Carson who is improbable and likes it that way. And never ever ever gets losted. You might get losted, but that's okay, she'll find you.



Hi hi hi I'm Bronwyn and my Daddy is Xander Carson but not yet and my Daddy is Bridge Carson and and and time is WEIRD and I gots three kinda brothers and their names are Nick and Toby and Andy but they're from alternate mentions. Nick's mommy is Aunt Parker and Toby's mommy is Aunt Z and Andy's mommy is Aunt Marie and Toby an' Andy gotsta wear gloveses alla time like Daddy but I don't 'cause I know how to not poke brains now an' Nick doesn't 'cause his Daddy is my other Daddy. I LIKE TWINKIES! AND GIRAFFES! AND FROGS! And I had waffles for breakfasts.

Roleplaying journal for ZOMGWTFFUTUREKIDS at fandomhigh. No universes were broken in the-- um. No canons were fractured in the pro-- uh. We mean well. AIM = soldtoarmenians or psychiccadet.

Interests (24):

aunt willow's cookies, aunt z is sooooo frakking cool, auras, being brave, buttery toasts, chocolate, climbing commander doggie, colors, exploring, frogs, giant robots, giraffes, listening, makin' stuff, not being boredinated, not being lost, penguins, poking uncle sky, saving the galaxy, sometimes jack is a moron, stories, turning my daddies' hair grey, twinkies, waffles

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